Oct 7, 2010

Changing Your Beliefs~The Key to Permanent Weight Loss

This week we began our 6 week class at The Healthy Weigh. Glenda and I are excited about processing the six personal control guides with you. Our plan is to present the new guide each week, and review it with you on Thursdays. A lot of great classes, workshops and support groups happen at The Healthy Weigh, but it's your personal reflection and work that makes the difference! We invite to join us on Thursdays, but hope you'll do the "homework" that each guide provides on your own.

Beginning this weight loss journey by looking backwards is crucial. The beliefs we have regarding ourselves, our relationship with food and so many other things, determine our success with losing weight and more importantly keeping it off. The key to changing in the present is understanding our past.

Sometimes we resist looking at our past because we are afraid that in some way we will be dishonoring our parents. The search for truth, never requires that we dishonor those who raise us. In fact, distorting our memory of those early years through either denial or idealizing is what really dishonors the past, because it makes the past unreal. We must become fearless in our search for the truth, knowing that the truth, truly does set us free. The search for truth is never an excuse to blame or to confront-it's our search, and it's purpose lies within us.

If you've started this journey with us, I want to encourage you to go for it! Don't back away! You'll come away 6 weeks from now with great insight and a positive attitude towards your future, If you are still on the outside looking in...come in. We invite you to participate in the next 5 weeks!

Being set free is an awesome thing. Won't you join us?

Email me with questions or thoughts...I'd love to hear from you. You can also comment to this blog. I encourage that as well. letha@healthyweigh.com

Until next week.
Always encouraging you.

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