Feb 28, 2009

Keeper of the Keys

I just finished teaching a four week class, "Life Principles." My class was inspired by life principles that have helped me during times of great change in my life.

My last week was titled, "You are what you think." I read this poem that I found and thought it would be good to post.

"Keeper of the Keys"

You are the Keeper of The Keys.
You are the Guard at The Gate.
Waiting in line to get through that door
Is LOVE and also HATE.
In line to enter is GENTLE PEACE.
You must choose who may, and who
May not come through the door.
INTOLERANCE tries to sneak on through
On wings of FEAR, or PRIDE.
It hides behind DREAMS of BELONGING,
And tries to sneak inside.
Oh! Be alert! You're the Guard who decides
Who GOES and who may STAY.
You are The Keeper of The Keys to Your Mind.
Who will you let in today?

Guy Gilchrist

As I think about the change that our country is experiencing and the personal ways that we are all being challenged, I encourage you to be the "Keeper of the Keys" to your mind. Choose to think rightly and guard your thoughts. Who will you let in today?

Always encouraging you,

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